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10 Good Places to Take Pictures in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a powerful and culturally significant city in many ways — and it’s famous for being the center of the entertainment industry. But it’s also incredibly huge — spanning a mind-boggling 500 square miles — and heavily populated, with a total of roughly 4 million people. Among those 4 million, an estimated 86 languages are spoken, reflecting the city’s diversity and cultural vibrancy. Don’t forget that LA is also home to near-perfect weather: the metropolis is warm and sunny almost year-round. The landscapes blessed by this weather include valleys, coastal plains, and, of course, the city’s world-famous beaches.

For all these reasons and more, Los Angeles isn’t just a great place to live and explore — it’s also an ideal place for photography. While there are easily thousands of great photo opportunities in this fabulous place, we’ve gathered a varied list of 10 good places to take pictures in Los Angeles. This list should serve as some thought-provoking inspiration for your next photoshoot!

1. A picturesque private ranch near Malibu

private ranch malibu los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

That view truly cannot be topped! There’s no place like this anywhere else in the region. The 30-acre horse ranch includes a canyon with a walk-in saltwater pool, a 2700-square-foot production house with daylight studio, a gorgeous garden, and an abundance of perfect views. One reviewer called it “an absolutely amazing, breathtaking space,” while another described it as a “beautiful property with tons of locations and textures.” We’re certain that any photos taken here will be absolutely mesmerizing, which is why it’s at the top of our list of good places to take pictures in Los Angeles.

2. An airy DTLA studio with an impressive skyline view

dtla studio los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Speaking of stunning views, this place has them in spades. In this sun-bathed studio, you’ll have 1700 square feet backed by a panoramic view of the skyline. The space is simply decorated with a small amount of tasteful furniture, drawing no attention away from this magnificent view. It also leaves plenty of room for your own creativity and vision to manifest in your photoshoot. You’ll enjoy the cool breeze that blows through the huge open windows. Plus, it’s located in the fashion district, which will provide an inspiring energy to your whole photoshoot.

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3. Lake Hollywood Park

Lake Hollywood Park
Source: Pixabay

The Hollywood sign is a classic Los Angeles icon for a reason! And you can get great photos of the sign, as well as other natural vistas, if you head out to Lake Hollywood Park.

4. An inspired oasis hidden away in Silverlake

silverlake oasis spanish style house la los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

This Spanish-style villa is a hidden beauty just blocks from Sunset Boulevard. The home itself is 1,100 square feet, while the lot stretches out 5,000 square feet with a private, verdant backyard surrounded by a unique blue wall. The outdoor space includes a circular rock garden, gas-powered fireplace, star-shaped fountain, clawfoot bathtub, outdoor shower, and more. You’ll be amazed by how far you’ll feel from the rest of Los Angeles, considering how close you are to the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. A positively bright and photo-worthy home dubbed “The Pink Palace”

pink palace la los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

The world-famous Pink Palace was recently featured on the Netflix series Amazing Interiors, and has been used for an array of celebrity photoshoots: from Paris Hilton, to Ruby Rose, to famous brands like Nasty Gal and Moschino. It’s the embodiment of mid-century kitsch and feels like a life-size version of a Barbie Dreamhouse. For instance, the master bedroom features a pink tufted velvet heart-shaped headboard, and even the bathtub and toilet are pink! There’s a reason this is such a popular spot for photoshoots — it’s another standout on our list of good places to take pictures in Los Angeles.

6. The Huntington Botanical Gardens

huntington gardens cactus
Source: Pixabay

There are innumerable beautiful photo opportunities in this location’s 120 acres, which contain 16 themed garden areas. One of the most memorable, impressive aspects of Los Angeles is its natural landscapes, and a visit to these gardens is an ideal opportunity to use this to your advantage in your next photoshoot. We highly recommend a trip to the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

7. The “Frogtown Magical Cabin,” a rustic-chic abode

frogtown magical cabin la los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Looking to take your photoshoot in a more rustic direction? This cabin feels like it’s in the middle of the woods, but you’ll be in northeast LA — just 10 minutes from downtown. Every kind of production, from celeb photo shoots to independent films to Netflix movies — has taken place here in this 1,071-square-foot cabin. The place has fabulous warm light, texture, and color.

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8. An ancient Greek & Persian-style white house with a pool and garden

ancient greek and persian style white house la los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Here’s a good place to take pictures in Los Angeles: this location is basically a palace. It epitomizes luxury, both inside as well as outdoors, which is where there’s a private pool and garden. As one reviewer commented of their photoshoot here, “Our project turned out AMAZING.” Undoubtedly, at this location, yours will, too!

9. A photogenic cactus sanctuary tucked away in Central LA

magical hidden cactus sanctuary la los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Nature lovers will derive so much joy from this hidden location. The original owner of the property had an exotic plant nursery, so the variety of cacti, tropical trees, and other flora is unparalleled — some of the cacti are more than 16 feet high! We think a small photoshoot exploring this garden would capture some otherworldly beauty.

10. A technicolor creative space called “The Chromacabana

Chromacabana la los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

This is a truly unique spot to take pictures in Los Angeles. Known as the Chromacabana, it’s a multicolored structure seated in a lovely succulent garden. There’s nowhere you’ll find better and more surprising light — your photos will stand out marvelously from the crowd.

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