Here’s How and Where to Rent a House for a Day in Los Angeles

Want to rent a house for a day in Los Angeles? We can’t blame you! From the hillside mansions of Mulholland Drive to the Victorian homes of Angelino Heights, Los Angeles is known for its lavish houses and century-spanning architecture.

Whether you want to throw a party, shoot a movie, or host a corporate event, you’ll find dozens of houses all over the city to choose from. But for those of us who don’t already own a SoCal home, how can you rent a house for a day in Los Angeles? And how much should you expect it to cost? We will discuss these very issues and more ahead!

But before we get into the nitty-gritty, did you know you can rent a house for the day using Peerspace? As the largest online marketplace for peer-to-peer rental venues, Peerspace has thousands of incredible locations in L.A. And yes, that includes many, many houses of every description! What sets Peerspace apart from the crowd is that you book an entire space by the hour as opposed to full 24-hour time periods. That means if you only need a space for eight hours, you only pay for eight hours, and not 24.

Ahead, we’ll talk more about why you may need to rent a house for a day in Los Angeles, precise details on how to do so, and some pricing information.

Why rent a house for a day in Los Angeles?

The Topanga A-Frame, A Heavenly View los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Firstly, why rent a house for a day? Well, Los Angeles is an expensive city. And even if you rent or own a home already, it may not have everything you need for a special event.

Perhaps you want to throw a party but don’t have a backyard. Maybe you want to host a dinner, but don’t have a big enough kitchen. Or, perchance, you want to shoot a movie, but your roommates or landlord aren’t thrilled about the idea of having the cast and crew over for a few days.

Renting a house for a day gives you the freedom to choose the right size, location, atmosphere, and amenities your existing house or apartment lacks. It also makes for a more personalized setting than you would find at a restaurant, hotel, or other public space.

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How to rent a house for a day

silverlake bungalow los angeles rental
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You may think you already know where to rent a house for a day in Los Angeles. After all, nearly everyone has used a home-sharing site to book a place to stay while traveling. However, keep in mind that renting a house for the day is different from booking overnight accommodations.

For one, home-sharing sites aren’t intended for parties or movie shoots. While you may be able to get away with a small party or photoshoot, you may still violate your host’s policies. This can result in a ban from the platform if anyone finds out.

That’s why it’s best to use a platform that’s dedicated to daily or hourly rentals, such as Peerspace. With Peerspace, you can search for locations specifically marketed for photo or video shoots, weddings, parties, musical performances, and more.

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What events are best when you rent a house for a day in Los Angeles?

Enchanting Rainforest In The City rental
Source: Peerspace

So, what kinds of events would you host at a Peerspace rented house in Los Angeles? A pop-up dinner or birthday party are great ideas, and so are wedding ceremonies and receptions. Just imagine a backyard wedding at this enchanted garden in Los Angeles, CA, with a hot tub and a wisteria-draped pergola!

But corporate events are a great fit, too. Instead of hosting your company retreat at a convention center, why not rent a mansion and host one of these retreat activities to bond your team?

From rural retreat spaces to modern houses with A/V gear and Wi-Fi, renting a house for a day can be a reenergizing way to get out of the office and give your team a change of scenery!

Here are just a few of the events you could host at a house in Los Angeles:

  • Birthday party
  • Wedding reception
  • Bridal or baby shower
  • Photo or video shoot
  • Musical performance
  • Film production
  • Company retreat
  • And more!

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How to use Peerspace to rent a house for a day in Los Angeles

Pool Party Ideas For Adults
Source: Peerspace

Peerspace makes it easy to book the perfect house in Los Angeles that is made for your chosen activity. So instead of trying to hide your activities from the property owner, you can ask your host exactly what’s allowed on-site and which amenities are available. For instance, some venues may have photo and video equipment, a kitchen, and entertainment facilities for your use.

To find your dream Los Angeles home rental, head to the Peerspace homepage and search by location and your event type to find a list of available properties in your area. Once the results appear, click the “house” icon above the results list to ensure you only see listings for homes. You can further refine your search by selecting additional amenities, such as a swimming pool, parking accommodations, public transit options, or an ADA-accessible entrance.

If there’s something you need that isn’t listed, contact your venue’s local host. They strive to help you in any way then can and may be able to arrange furniture, camera gear, A/V equipment — or even line up a caterer or photographer.

Some Peerspace venues may have bedrooms, but just to clarify: Peerspace listings aren’t intended for overnight accommodations. If you need to shoot late into the night, check with your host or look for a listing with 24/7 operating hours, which some venues offer.

You don’t have to rent the house for the entire day, but some locations have a minimum rental (often two to three hours). And some may offer a discount for rentals longer than eight hours.

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Types of houses on Peerspace

midcentury hilltop home rental
Source: Peerspace

What kinds of houses can you rent on Peerspace? Pretty much anything you can think of: from mansions and villas to cozy lofts and bungalows, you’ll find homes of all shapes and sizes.

And remember, LA’s architectural styles are incredibly diverse, encompassing the Spanish-style homes of Los Feliz to the Craftsman houses of West Adams. So while a Beverly Hills mansion may be the first to catch your eye, some of the lower-key (and more affordable) homes can be just as memorable, too.

Here are just a few of our favorite LA locations:

We don’t want to go overboard, so we’ll stop there! But just remember, there are hundreds of spaces to choose from. We haven’t even mentioned some of the hidden gems in Joshua Tree and other parts of California. When you want to rent a house for a day in Los Angeles, the best way to find your dream location is to start your own search!

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How much does it cost?

trousdale estate unconventional wedding
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Now that you’re excited about the possibilities, how much will renting a house for the day cost? It may be more affordable than you think since Peerspace venues are available to rent by the hour. Therefore, the total cost will come down to how much time you spend at the location.

Let’s look at a few of our above-mentioned spaces for more details.

Medieval castle

As for the houses on our list, we’ll pick a few and examine their pricing details to give you a better picture of what to expect. The most expensive option is the majestic Medieval castle. In fact, it costs $799 per hour and has a three-hour minimum rental period. It’s crucial to note that this is a castle, after all!

And as such, it has space for 200 revelers, a dungeon, a moat, Medieval knights, ballrooms, Jacuzzis, and so much more. It’s a one-of-a-kind venue, so a higher price is expected.

A producer who booked this castle for a film shoot shared the following Peerspace review: “Awesome location with crazy views– easy to work with and was able to accommodate all our production needs. Thank you!”

Topanga mountainside home

The peak of Topanga home is $600 per hour with a six-hour minimum. While that seems like a lot, if peace and tranquility are what you’re after, this home has it immeasurably! The host even describes the home as a sanctuary with a Tibetan prayer vibe.

Outside, it offers panoramic views of the Santa Monica mountains and private access to hiking trails. You can also make use of the outdoor dining space and a vintage Airstream trailer.

But that’s only the beginning, as a Peerspace reviewer shares: “Beautiful property with endless opportunities of places to shoot! Truly stunning! The owner Melissa Along with the property manager Marina were so helpful and easy to communicate with throughout the process from booking to end of shoot day. Would love to book again!

Malibu boho MCM home

The Malibu boho mid-century home comes in at $200 per hour with a four-hour minimum.

This spacious home is perfect for entertaining since it includes the gorgeous house itself that was designed by Lautner. Inside, the home has an airy, relaxed, and minimalist vibe, while the floor-to-ceiling windows bring in plenty of California sunshine. And of course, who can forget that immense patio overlooking the ocean from Santa Monica to Catalina Island!

And check out what a photographer shared in a Peerspace review after their shoot here: “This location is absolutely magical! Kristine is the most kind and thoughtful host and her place is very special. The views are absolutely magnificent and the house is not only very cozy and relaxing, there is something beautiful, chic, interesting and meaningful everywhere you look!”

Los Feliz event house

And finally, we have the cozy hillside event house in Los Feliz which costs $80 per hour with a four-hour minimum. It boasts a California-chic aesthetic and offers a 180-degree view of the hills and the Sunset Strip below.

Plus, you can use the entire multi-level home itself. It is ideal for an intimate party or an indie production, with day and nighttime views that are stunning.

A Peerspace reveiwer who booked a birthday party here shares: “The view amazing, the place is beautiful, and I couldn’t have asked for a better host than Ofer. I would absolutely book again.”

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Rent a house for a day in Los Angeles with Peerspace

Outdoor Canyon Oasis with Pool & Guest House los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

As you can see, there are tons of options when you rent a house for a day in Los Angeles on Peerspace. And as there are different types of unique spaces, so there are unique prices!

If you’re planning an all-day event with a lot of people, expect to pay more. But if you just need to snap a few pictures for your Instagram feed, then you may only need to rent it for one or two hours. Plus, you can also check with your host to see if they have a minimum rental or all-day discount.

Remember, you can filter results by price to find a location that matches your budget. We hope you’ll rely on Peerspace to book a venue for your event or production. Once you see how easy the process is and how incredible the result is, we’re sure Peerspace will become your go-to venue rental service!

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