11 Sick Music Video Locations in Los Angeles

Need music video locations in Los Angeles for your next project? If there’s one thing LA is known for, it’s the music industry. In fact, LA is home to some of the biggest music labels in the world. It’s also a hotspot for artists and bands looking to make their big break.

If you’re an enterprising artist looking to film a killer music video, you’re in the right place. From neon sound stages to sultry lofts, we’ve rounded up 11 totally sick music video locations in Los Angeles that are perfect for artists of any genre.

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On Peerspace, every venue has its own dedicated listing. This page will share high-definition photos, upfront pricing, a list of amenities and features, and reviews from past renters. You can even contact the venue’s local host with any questions or requests. Why interrupt your artistic vision when a friendly, helpful pro has your back?

But now, let’s get back to the topic at hand: sick LA music video locations. Put on your headphones and turn up the bass. It’s time to start the list! 

1. Expression is the name of the game at THE RoofTop

THE RoofTop
Source: Peerspace

Located in central LA, this 2,500-square-foot rooftop attracts music artists of every type. It’s a massive open space roof with dazzling 360-degree views of the Los Angeles skyline as your personal backdrop. You can also add on the host’s The Village HQ, which includes 10 pre-built sets in their expansive creative space, including an LED Cube, a Jungle TV Safari, and a Rowdy Record room (more on that ahead!).

One of the best things about Peerspace is that its listings include genuine reviews from past Peerspace renters. And in the case of this rooftop venue, it has plenty of such glowing comments! Like this one: “This space was very awesome! It was perfect for what scene I wanted, lots of space and cool background, it was cloudy so it added to the song effect, really love this location, was really easy to get too, would definitely book again!! Recommend for anybody looking for a La sky view image, worth the booking🙏 Love it.”

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2. Get lit at this spaceship-inspired light tunnel

music video locations in Los Angeles
Source: Peerspace

Coming in at 2,000 square feet, this spaceship set is the Village HQ’s sister studio located in the same building space. Just like the village HQ, this creative filming set is themed to resemble a bright passageway on a spaceship, allowing you to perform as you strut down a lit tunnel. You can also add on colorful lighting and a fog machine to your booking to enhance your video shoot.

“Very seamless & productive experience,” shares a Peerspace reviewer. “James was helpful from beginning to end!”

3. Capture ethereal mystique at this south LA video studio

Music Video Locations in Los Angeles
Source: Peerspace

Next up on our list of music video locations in Los Angeles, this 3,000-square-foot studio has plenty of room for innovation. In fact, there are six different film sets to choose from for filming, including an industrial floor with a massive video wall, a vintage apartment, an LED tunnel, a neon retro world, a hacker’s headquarters, and a newspaper room with RBG lights.

Each set comes with plenty of props and equipment that’s free to use during your booking. Head over to Peerspace to see detailed photos of every set.

A producer who booked this site for a video shoot shared the following review: “Great space that met our needs perfectly! Andy was extremely communicative and accommodating throughout the whole pre-booking and booking process.”

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4. Get creative at the Hue Ville Studios

Hue Ville Studios
Source: Peerspace

Our next listing is perfect for artists who love all things colorful and quirky. The Hue Ville Studios boasts seven unique sets spread out over 3,000 square feet with tons of eclectic and colorful props.

It’s a primary-colored space with multiple retro rooms, checkerboard floors, and a variety of colors and textures. Your followers will go wild for the off-beat videos you shoot at this studio! See all of the sets for yourself at Hue Ville’s Peerspace listing. 

Peerspace reviewers seem to love Hue Ville’s host as much as the venue itself, as evidenced by the reviews! “Brianna was great! She and the location were as advertised. This location was soooo much fun! :)”

5. Grunge is king at The Barracks 

Music Video Locations in Los Angeles

Rich with grit, character, and life, this industrial warehouse also has the urban vibes you’re looking for. Located on the outskirts of DTLA, the Barracks is a 5,000-square-foot industrial hangar designed by creatives for creatives.

You can capture some truly cinematic shots among the pre-built sets and rustic architecture. Set choices include a trap room/motel set, ice box tunnel, money room, shipping container, and more. Each set offers its own vibe and attitude that will help make your video stand out. In fact, we think it’s one of the best music video locations in Los Angeles for hip-hop artists and rappers.

“This was the second time I filmed a music videos in this location. Travis is always in touch and answers my questions immediately. Jamal is the best site rep. Thanks for having us,” shared a director of a music video in a review. Learn more about it and book it today on Peerspace!

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6. Drown in neon at this color-change warehouse

Music Video Locations in Los Angeles
Source: Peerspace

Featuring three separate rooms under one roof, this neon sanctuary is truly one-of-a-kind. With over 3,000 square feet of space, the warehouse sports a unique lighting system that can shine in a whole spectrum of neon colors.

In fact, you can completely transform the whole vibe of the shooting space to complement your unique sound! The space also features a solid yellow Kill Bill-inspired room and a neutral white set with gradient LED lights if you want a little variety for your video. Check out its Peerspace listing and see the full kaleidoscope of set colors for yourself!

According to a Peerspace reviewer: “This place was very cool and we had a great time shooting here. The host was very accommodating and flexible with me, even when schedules changed back and forth. We were able to extend our stay by a simple text the communication was very easy and quick. Would definitely rent here again.”

7. Get a new angle at this futuristic light tunnel

neon LED production tunnel
Music Video Locations in Los Angeles
Source: Peerspace

Coming in at under 1,000 square feet, this cyberpunk-inspired tunnel packs plenty of awe into a small studio. Located in the heart of Hollywood, THE ANGLE features a unique multi-dimensional light tunnel with color-changing lights that provide plenty of opportunity for unique shoots! You can even customize the studio’s layout and lighting scheme to create a unique, eye-catching video.

And at only $60 an hour, this filming space is also a bargain for productions on a budget. Book your session today on Peerspace

In the words of a Peerspace review: “AWESOME! this place was so cool! I loved it and the host was super nice. Super chill vibes and the tunnel will give you the best video or photos you need. One of my best shoots, definitely come back here.”

8. Make a bold statement at the Color Crib

color crib studios
Music Video Locations in Los Angeles
Source: Peerspace

Located in the heart of LA’s fashion district, the Color Crib is ideal for musicians who want to make a bold statement in their videos. This 2,800-square-foot warehouse features seven monochrome sets, each connected by passageways.

Go shopping in the orange convenience store, drink at the red bar, and then work in the vibrant purple office. Wherever you want to take your music video, you can go there with vibrant style at this one-of-a-kind Peerspace bookable studio. 

Of its many, many glowing reviews, this one stands out: “The space was great and we’ll maintained. We were able to complete everything that we needed with time to spare. The set also included extension cords, lights and everything you need for a photoshoot. Jaimar and Keke were very helpful with the set up. Great experience, will be back.”

9. Make a splash at the Blue Wave Room

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Source: Peerspace

If you’re an artist looking for a more chill, lowkey place to shoot a video, then this ’70s-inspired room has the vibes you’re looking for.

Awash from floor to ceiling with rich monochrome wallpaper, carpet, and furnishings, the Blue Wave Room oozes sultry romance. You can also shoot in the lux all-red room that features a heart bed! Turn the lights down low to capture some truly sexy shots on the plush circular bed or the vintage low-rider bike. It’s also a steal to book at only about $75 an hour on Peerspace!

In the words of an actress who booked this space: “The space was perfect for our needs. Spacious and clean. Check in info was easy. Will rent again.”

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10. Your video will pop at this chromatic art room 

Music Video Locations in Los Angeles
Source: Peerspace

Pop art and retro furniture give this downtown studio a far-out feel that’s perfect for the camera. Featuring five different stylized walls, quirky decor, and large bay windows for plenty of natural light, the studio is ideal for artists who aren’t afraid to walk on the wild side.

This would also be an amazing place to shoot surrealist or retro-inspired music videos. Break out some groovy bell bottoms and platform shoes to round out the look at this Peerspace venue! 

A Peerspace reviewer who booked this studio for a photoshoot shared the following: “Gorgeous space and amazing hosts. Michelle was extremely accommodating and worked with us every step of the way from rescheduling to extending hours. The room itself was so vibrant and made our vision come to life so easily. Thank you for everything! 10/10 would book again!”

11. Retro romance is in the air at this three-room studio

Music Video Locations in Los Angeles
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for a space with lots of 70s charm, then this wild vintage-inspired studio may be your dream space. Coming in at 1,600 square feet, the loft sports plenty of vintage furniture and homey accent pieces, like a living room, bedroom, and lounge, all outfitted with tons of color and retro aesthetic.

And did you check out all the circular doorways? That’s a surefire way to make your followers gasp! There’s even a lot of lighting equipment included when you book your next filming session on Peerspace

According to a photographer who booked this studio: “Amazing atmosphere! My team and I felt right at home. We enjoyed every bit of the vibe that the Orange Room was radiating. Damien was professional and a well communicator. I would definitely work with Damien and book another of his rooms again for future projects.”

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Bonus: A huge green screen studio in Commerce

Cyclorama Studio in Los Angeles / Commerce
Source: Peerspace

As a bonus for all of you music video creators out there, check out this professional green screen studio in Commerce. We love this idea for a possible music video shoot location since it allows you to create whatever look you want in post-production.

It boasts a customizable 20′ x 12′ x12′ green screen with a full, pre-lit lighting grid. You can also use the studio’s 25′ x 20′ x 12′ white cyclorama, as well as other backdrops and shooting walls. The host also offers you the use of a dressing room and lighting equipment rentals, making this pretty much a one-stop creative shop! And at only $49 per hour, it’s a total steal, too.

A musician Peerspace user who booked this green screen production studio for a shoot shared the following review: “Shane was a fantastic host. He helped us with everyone of our needs and the space itself is incredibly well equiped and easy to navigate. Fully recommend!!”

Find music video locations in Los Angeles on Peerspace

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Music Video Locations in Los Angeles
Source: Peerspace

This list is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s available for your LA music video! As you can see, Peerspace makes it easy to discover unique creative spaces that offer an array of features and amenities at fair price points.

To find your perfect place, be sure to head to Peerspace to find the most incredible music video locations in Los Angeles and beyond. Then, book your favorites and share your art with the world! In fact, it’s always that easy to book sensational spaces by the hour on Peerspace.

And when you can maximize your booking with the help of any appealing on-site add-ons your host offers, then you get everything you want without sacrificing time, money, or your artistic vision.

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