The 11 Best Portrait Photographers in Glasgow

Are you curious who made our list of the top Glasgow portrait photographers? Glasgow is not only home to beautiful, alluring outdoors but some very passionate and creative artists. Some of Scotland’s best photographers work here and dedicate their lives to creating striking portraiture. In fact, many of their images radiate personality with subtle glimpses of expression.

Ahead, we’ll explore the work of some of the best Glasgow portrait photographers. If you’re looking for portrait work, be it for personal or professional reasons, then these are some of the city’s finest. Some of them specialize in wedding images while others excel in commercial photography. However, all of them are truly talented in their fields and are sure to impress. Let’s check them out!

1. Liana Mostafa

Glasgow portrait photographer Liana Mostafa is a visual artist whose composition, posing, and editing invokes breathtaking stories. She is also extremely diverse with her styling, using a range of options to capture the authentic mood of a photograph.

In fact, her photo series named, “Exploring softness and femininity in women of color,” brilliantly showcases the presence of her models. She does so using the perfect blend of creative lighting and background.

2. Andrew Low

Andrew Low creates images that are bold, touching, and sublimely edited. Vintage color tones, double exposure, and subtle contrast all shine through his work in a very timeless fashion. We also love how his lighting gives his photography work a cinematic aesthetic. 

Low’s work has been featured in Vogue Italia and British Journal of Photography’s 2021 Portrait of Humanity book, to name just a couple. The way Low lets his subjects be honest, vulnerable, and unfailingly likable only shows how important authenticity is to him as an artist. 

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3. Alexander Hoyles

Alexander Hoyles encapsulates a surreal charm in his portraiture, which is something rare in this city. In fact, he is not only one of the best Glasgow portrait photographers, but he is an art director, too. You can see this mix of talents in every image he creates. His series of portraits with tableau-like scenes focus on exploring identity and self-presentation. These perfectly display his brilliant staging skills soaked with an exceptional range of coloring. 

He effortlessly captures the tenderness and warmth of his models which could otherwise go unnoticed. Hoyles has undoubtedly mastered the art of displaying bold and bright backdrops without dimming the energy of his models. Merging all of the elements in a spotless and meticulous presence, what we ultimately get to witness is an extraordinary documentation of everyday faces. 

4. Iain Gallacher

One look at Iain Gallacher’s work, and you’ll discover it is the epitome of elegant symmetry. He can magically work around big, gorgeous backgrounds without letting them shadow the essence of his models. Iain’s work is also up-close and personal, delivering insights of his subjects with finesse. 

His use of flattering angles also enhances the toned and composed element of his portraiture. Be it a patch of grass or an old brick wall, Gallacher’s creativity helps bring his subjects’ personalities to the forefront.

5. Oskar Sinicki

Oskar Sinicki’s portraits evoke defined emotions. In fact, there is expression and freedom in each of his frames. He balances the magnanimity of the background and the vulnerability of his subject with absolute perfection. 

There is also a sense of effortless and genuine continuity within his snaps. A look at his Instagram will tell you about his evolving range of themes, each holding an essence of calmness and subtleness. We also love how his art highlights the universality of an entire moment that he captures. 

6. Ross Dunlop

Fascinated by movement in portraits, Ross Dunlop’s craft exhibits a powerful sense of rarity. His flawless use of neutral and earthy tones outshines all the elements in his headshots. In fact, his shots on film under direct sun are absolute stunners. 

Playing with lights and creating barn door effects with continuous lighting comes very naturally to this Glasgow portrait photographer. We also appreciate how the stillness in his poised stances portrays a very cinematic emotion. Dunlop’s perception of composition exemplifies an innate vision of his art and everything he wants to convey through it.

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7. Elly Lucas

Elly Lucas is a true follower of emotion and connection, which is eviden t in her portraiture work. Check out her portfolio and you will see how her use of natural light in monochrome photographs integrates layers of profundity. She moves with curiosity, flashing multitudes of boundless textures and dark tones that also create an ethereal essence. 

Since she’s a musician herself, Lucas has worked with a number of music artists and bands, capturing them in their most ecstatic moments. Her captions also let us in on her imagery and sense of purpose. She captures exquisite details which beautifully merge the fragile nature of her backgrounds with striking features of her subjects. 

8. Michael Teevan

Michael Teevan excels with artistic nude portraiture. The backdrops he chooses are vividly colorful and add the correct touch of drama to highlight the silhouette of his models. We also love how his art makes an attempt to look at the beauty of the skin beyond the skin.  

Teevan also instinctively captures the human body with utmost finesse and clarity. There is a seamless alignment in his art that pierces through the viewer’s gaze. And his bold use of gel lighting perfectly enlivens the motion of his muse.

9. Aglaé Photography

Aglaé and Miriam are Glasgow portrait photographers who happen to be a unique duo passionately capturing simple moments. Their major areas of focus are weddings, couples, and families. Their warm tones and take on outdoor color grading also make for some timeless shots with a tinge of ethereal magic. 

The photojournalistic style that they create reflects raw, emotional, and intimate narratives. Aglaé Photography commemorates special moments with vibrantly, natural and spontaneous images. The combination of the subjects and the beautiful Glasgow outdoors makes them the perfect storytellers. 

10. Pete Copeland

With over 15 years’ experience in photography, Pete Copeland is a master at what he does. His portraits reflect clean, crisp and sharp work with a tinge of realistic charm. The stillness in every shot also adheres to a deeply thoughtful expression.  

He brilliantly manages to craft people’s personality into his photographs with his headshots, corporate, and commercial portraits. In fact, Copeland’s editorial expertise makes every frame look like a well thought-out and beautifully executed magazine cover page.

11. Julie Broadfoot

Glasgow portrait photographer Julie Broadfoot captures people at weddings, live performances, TV sets, and films, all with total skill. She specializes in relaxed portraits with a documentary style. Her work encompasses clean lines, natural light, interesting patterns and reflections. No matter the setting, be it a negative abstract space or a majestic museum, she extracts its essence in its entirety. 

She is also an animal rescuer, so Broadfoot’s portfolio showcases some of her most amazing pet and wildlife photography. We are awe-inspired by her relentless pursuit to capture the perfect moment, regardless of who her subject is. 

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Bonus: Pearl & Plum

Pearl & Plum Photography is one of the most traditional portrait photography studios on this list. However, don’t let that term fool you; they are still true artists who capture stunning portraits. Studio owners Carli Kieran and Leigh Irwin are both award-winning photographers who go the distance to capture you and your loved ones for life’s biggest milestones. Weddings, in-home family photography, maternity and newborn, they’ve done it all.

This is the duo you turn to when you want vibrant portraits that celebrate exactly who you are at that moment.

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With a diverse skill set and magnificent aesthetics, these Glasgow portrait photographers ensure they capture every frame that is as distinct as the person in it. All of them know that portraiture is storytelling using special staging and lighting. However. only a perfect balance between all elements will encapsulate a brilliant portrait. And our list here is an example of portrait photographers who do just that daily. 

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