9 Unforgettable 60th Birthday Party Ideas

With age comes stability, harmony, and wisdom, which includes the wisdom to know that, as Millenials say, you only live once! Now is the time to safely indulge in some of those things you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the time to do so. We get to live 60 seconds in every minute, 60 minutes in every hour — following are 10 unforgettable 60th birthday party ideas to help you live each one of those seconds to their fullest potential!

1. Post-Prohibition party

Downtown Prohibition Era 1920s Bungalow Lounge Cocktail Bar austin rental
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Check out Peerspace during your planning process to find unique and exciting venues you never knew you wanted! An intimate speakeasy in New York, for example, blends a decadent history with contemporary charm. Invite guests to “dapper up” in suits and flapper dresses that allow movement for dancing to live jazz (or recordings of Ella Fitzgerald). Station, a doorman who requires a secret knock and password to allow entry. Make sure the lighting is dim, and drinks are strong, served in cut crystal goblets. The darker the spirit, they say, the lighter the mood!

2. Wine harvest 

charming winery in san jose
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Stomp grapes and enjoy a wine tasting at a local winery. Pack a picnic basket with wine-friendly snacks: crackers and cheese, fruits and cured meats, and bittersweet chocolate. No olives or anything in a vinegar-based marinade because that simply doesn’t always pair well with wine. Provide each attendee with an insulated, stemless wine glass and a small, flannel lap blanket since wine harvest happens in the fall. Bonus points if the winery has a fire pit for you to use. Find a sensational winery in your desired location on Peerspace to make tracking down and booking a space seamless.

3. Garden party

rooftop garden with views nyc new york city rental
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Farm tables strewn with fresh flowers and mismatched crystal, boho garland and lights strung between the trees, hand-macrame covers on the guest of honor’s chair. Sangria in a rainbow of colors and farmer’s market-inspired menu. Favors of custom labeled essential oils for relaxation and calm. This is an elegant, charming idea that keeps you and your guests in the fresh air, surrounded by nature. When it’s time to go home, release fire lanterns to send guests off into the night.

4. Diamonds

elegant tea party with patisserie
Source: Unsplash

Friends are like diamonds. Diamonds are forever. Whatever the saying, diamonds are a fitting theme for 60th birthday party ideas. Model a sparkling luncheon off of The Blue Box Cafe, housed at Tiffany & Co. in New York City. Set tables in Tiffany blue and gray with white and rhinestone accents. Borrow inspiration from their menu: caviar and lobster, edible gold leaf, and petits fours served alongside champagne cocktails and bubbly non-alcoholic refreshment.

5. Distillery tour and dinner

Historic, Unique Distillery denver rental
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Just like local wineries and craft breweries, distilleries are cropping up everywhere! Distilling spirits is an art form that requires patience and care. Visit and engage in the process, then have dinner with courses paired to the house favorites. If you ask nicely, your hosts may offer a mixology class, too! Gift your guests with a stainless steel shaker and strainer, perhaps a zester, and a mini version of a professional bartender’s handbook. Book a tour and tasting at a local distillery by using Peerspace. It will guarantee you find a fun place with the perfect amenities, minus the hidden fees.

6. Attend an outdoor music festival

converted warehouse with bar indoor outdoor
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Live music is a 60th birthday party idea that is good for the soul! The Burning Man festival has much to offer to the ever-growing 60+ set, and it’s great if you can get there. If that doesn’t toot your horn, check out summer music opportunities across the country. Charter a party bus, stock it with food and drink, and truck your friends to a bluegrass and BBQ festival or a wine and jazz weekend. Beach towns like Asbury Park, NJ, open summer stages to host national acts in the open air. Even Prospect Park, Brooklyn, has loads of free concerts in the summer. Along with spending time with your favorite people, you’ll support local vendors and artists in the city you visit.

7. Bucket list

modern industrial workshop colorado boulder rental
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This is as close as we’ll get to “Over the Hill-themed” 60th birthday party ideas! What have you always wanted to do but never took the time to carry out? We’re not talking about bungee jumping or walking a tightrope across Niagara Falls (although those are great ideas, too). Instead, consider the little things that always fell by the wayside as too frivolous or unimportant and center a party around that.

Celebrate by scheduling a creative workshop for you and your friends: belly dancing or oil painting; learn to roll sushi or brew beer. Spend an afternoon learning how to do stand-up with an improv troupe or write a short story during a one-day intensive class. Not sure where to get started? Find workshop spaces on Peerspace near you. Peruse the listings, check out photos and reviews, and book whatever strikes your fancy. If your venue is missing anything, such as necessary equipment or catering, contact the Concierge service to have it delivered to your venue.

8. Laser tag

gift bag
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Everyone wants to be a kid again! Laser tag is competitive and high energy but doesn’t include projectiles like paintball. Guests should be instructed to arrive in black T-shirts, split the group into teams, and play the best games out of three. Have a middle school-inspired meal of grown-up pizza pies and beautiful cupcakes when you’re ready for a break. Fill takeaway goodie bags with hard candies and liquor-filled truffles, Puravida “friendship” bracelets, fidget spinners, and itty-bitty sketch pads.

9. Scavenger hunt

brewery tour team outings
Source: Unsplash / Yutacar

Throwback to the good ol’ days when a scavenger hunt involved collecting actual items rather than simply taking pictures of them — or a combination of the two. Plan your own adult-style scavenger hunt. Create a list of items to hunt that requires skill, patience, and maybe some quick talking on the part of the attendees. Make sure to split up the most highly competitive in your group to give everyone a fair shake. The more creative the list, the more fun the after-party! Give each participant the tools they’ll need to accomplish their tasks, whether that means paper and crayons, rolls of quarters, or items with which to barter. Hilarity guaranteed!

Bonus idea: book a Peerspace!

pine tree beach house
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A unique 60th birthday party idea that can suit every group is to book a fun Peerspace birthday party venue! The genius of this idea is that it can be anything you want. You can book a beachside penthouse overlooking the sea. Or a stunning mansion with an Olympic-sized outdoor pool. How about a cozy cabin in the woods steeped in nature and relaxation. Maybe you and your friends want to book an artist loft and take endless photos of your time together in an eclectic space. All you have to do is search your city, include any filters you like, such as pools and fire pits, and see what pops up. Check out all the photos, reviews, and detailed descriptions of each listing. It’s fun to search and so easy to book!

You can find a retreat space that is completely private and meets the needs of you and your crew. And don’t forget, you can also enlist the help of the Concierge service. These event and logistical pros can maximize your booking based on anything you need, from special lighting and food to karaoke machines and costumes. The choices are endless on Peerspace!

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