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10 Unique Fashion Show Ideas

Although it’s still the clothes that matters most, these days, throwing a memorable fashion show involves more than just creating great designs. When big names like Chanel are known for their supermarket sets and simulated rocket launches, how is an everyday clothing line supposed to stand out? Fortunately, you don’t have to spend all of your budget designing an elaborate set or renting a one-of-a-kind event space. We’ve come up with these 10 unique fashion show ideas that are sure to draw attention while still being practical under a tight timeframe or budget.

1. Feature a dance number

Who says your models have to walk down the runway? Several viral videos from fashion shows prove that dance may be just the thing you need to get mainstream attention. Whether it’s these Spanish ballet dancers showing off an Ozteya collection, or these Nigerian dancers at the Vienna Fashion Week, adding a dance routine to your show is bound to draw some eyeballs. If your clothing line lends itself to a dance routine, hire a choreographer to help you get it right — and a professional videographer to make sure you get it all on camera.

2. Host it at an outdoor venue

For a change of pace, host your fashion show outdoors instead of in a theater. Rent this modern parking structure in Miami that serves as a blank-slate event space, or search on Peerspace to find unique rooftop venues near you. Hosting your show outdoors allows you to get a backdrop that you just can’t recreate in a theater, such as a city skyline or a beach. You’ll find dozens of unique venues on Peerspace, from backyards to boatyards, all available from local hosts who can accommodate customized requests and recommend local vendors.

3. Make it an online-only event

While hosting an in-person event is the traditional way to plan a fashion show, take advantage of social media by hosting an online-only product launch. Designer Misha Nonoo used this as one of her unique fashion show ideas in 2016, when she premiered her new collection on Snapchat.

Reach out to Instagram influencers and other social media stars who can model your designs, then coordinate a launch date for maximum exposure. If you need a venue to work in, you can rent a warehouse or photo studio on Peerspace, then call up the Concierge service to arrange for any lighting and camera gear you may need delivered to your booking.

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4. Host it at an art gallery

Another great fashion show idea is to host your event at an art gallery. Since many galleries are already set up to host art openings and other creative events, its easy to reconfigure the space to suit a fashion show. Many cities have an Art Walk, in which multiple galleries are open to the public, so you can schedule your show during an event to get the most exposure. Just search on Peerspace to find an art gallery near you that can accommodate your production.

5. Use everyday people as models

If your clothing line is designed to be worn by everyday people instead of celebrities and movie stars, hire non-professionals to model your outfits. Balenciaga used this approach recently for its new spring fashion line by choosing engineers, architects, and other white- and blue-collar workers to walk down the runway. This innovative idea can make your designs appear more accessible to mainstream shoppers who don’t think of themselves as fashion models. 

6. Have a pet fashion show

Fashion shows aren’t just for humans. If your show is for a charity fundraiser and isn’t intended to sell real clothes, you can get creative and host a pet fashion show instead. The New York Pet Fashion Show does just that, by raising funds to benefit rescue animals. For this show, the pets and their handlers typically wear complementary outfits, making for a memorable night.

7. Show off on a bike

You won’t be the first fashion line to try this idea, but we think it’s still pretty original. Instead of heading to the runway, why not take to the bike lane? Labo.Art sent seven of its models biking around town for a mobile fashion show during Milan Fashion Week. This is a fun fashion show idea for outdoor brands and clothing lines that want to show off their bike-friendly outfits.

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8. Use projection mapping

Projection mapping is a high-tech tool that allows you to project realistic 3D images on the inside or outside of a building. While not every venue will be suitable for it, we think it looks amazing when it’s done right. With projection mapping, you can transport your models to outer space or create a futuristic backdrop to bring a thrilling new look to the runway. Ask your Peerspace host or call up the Concierge service to see if projection mapping can be done at your venue.

9. Rent a rock climbing gym

Another unique fashion show idea is to host your event at a rock climbing gym. Whether or not your models actually scale the walls will depend on what kind of clothing they’re wearing. Either way, we think a stylish rock climbing gym like this venue in Seattle makes a great backdrop for a fashion show, particularly for outdoor clothing and lifestyle brands.

10. Host a pop-up shop

For the most efficient use of time and energy, host a fashion show and pop-up shop in one go. Plan a fashion show as part of the launch event for your new clothing line, then continue to sell merchandise at your pop-up shop as long as your inventory lasts. This is a great way to build name recognition for your brand while selling products that your customers can walk out the door with. Check out this post with 11 creative pop-up shop ideas to get started.

When you think about the fashion industry, you may immediately think of runways in Paris and Milan. But some of the most important changes in fashion are happening closer to home. From major designers bringing social justice issues to the runway, to everyday people pushing back against traditional gender roles, fashion is a relevant (and rather controversial) a subject as ever before! If you’re trying to make a mark with your new clothing line, these 10 unique fashion show ideas are a great way to get your brand on people’s radar.

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