11 Unique Fashion Show Ideas (2024)


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Although it’s still the clothes that matter most, these days, memorable fashion show ideas involve more than just creating great designs. When big names like Chanel are known for their supermarket sets and A-list celebrity ambassadors sitting runway side, how is an everyday clothing line supposed to stand out? Fortunately, you don’t have to spend all of your budget designing an elaborate set or renting a one-of-a-kind event space. We’ve come up with these 11 unique fashion show ideas that are sure to draw attention while still being practical under a tight timeframe or budget.

And speaking of one-of-a-kind event spaces, we can help you out with that, too! Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, including spaces that are perfect for a fashion show in terms of ambiance and equipment. More on that ahead alongside our runway-worthy fashion show ideas.

First, a word on procuring the perfect fashion show venue

full service event venue in San Diego, CA | JULEP Venue
Source: Peerspace

As we mentioned, Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals and connects you with unique, hidden gem spaces near you that can bring your fashion show ideas to life. Peerspaces are hosted by locals who list their amazingly creative spaces for your use, with many providing high-end lighting and audio equipment as well as runway space. By renting a unique venue for your fashion event, you’re inviting your attendees into a fresh world that you’ve customized to your creative vision.

To get started finding your fashion show venue, head to our platform, enter the location of your fashion show, and see what turns up. You can filter results by features, like outdoor spaces, fireplaces, swimming pools, etc., and browse the high-def photos, detailed descriptions, and reviews of each space. If you have any questions or requests, you can reach out directly to the venue’s host. They strive to make your experience perfect and are happy to accommodate you in any way they can.

As one quick example, check out this full-service event venue in San Diego, CA (pictured above). JULEP venue is a 12,000-square-foot indoor and outdoor event space with an elegant and modern industrial style. Its massive ceilings, all-white color scheme, and large open floor plan mean you can set up this space as you see fit. The host also provides tables and chairs, A/V equipment, and event staging services, which can really help you tackle several to-dos, all in one stylish spot!

We’ll include more information about Peerspace venues with some of these fashion show ideas so you get an immediate understanding of what’s out there, waiting for you to discover it!

1. Feature a dance number

a dance studio with high ceilings, mirrored walls, and wooden floors
Source: Peerspace

Who says your models have to walk down the runway? Several viral videos from fashion shows prove that dance may be just the thing you need to get mainstream attention. Remember these Spanish ballet dancers showing off an Ozteya collection or these Nigerian dancers at the Vienna Fashion Week? By adding a dance routine to their shows, these designers were able to grab extra attention. And your show can do the same. Add a dance routine to your runway and your brand is will attract some attention. If your clothing line lends itself to a dance routine, hire a choreographer to help you get it right — and a professional videographer to make sure you get it all on camera.

If you love this idea, be sure to browse Peerspace’s selection of professional dance studios near you to enhance the look and feel of the choreography.

2. Host it at an outdoor venue

miami office space with spacious outdoor area
Source: Peerspace

Lots of designers are opting for open-air fashion show venues these days. You too can host your fashion show outdoors instead of in a theater for a welcomed change of pace.

For example, you can rent this modern office and industrial structure in Miami that serves as a blank-slate event space. Since this space is owned by a production agency, you can also rely on them to provide video services. Imagine live-streaming your event as it happens in this awesome Miami venue!

Or, simply search Peerspace to find unique rooftop venues near you. And as a bonus, hosting your show outdoors allows you to get a backdrop that you just can’t recreate in a theater, such as a city skyline or a beach. You’ll find dozens of unique venues on Peerspace, from backyards to boatyards, all available from local hosts who can accommodate customized requests and recommend local vendors.

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3. Make it an online-only event

all-blue dance studio in los angeles
Source: Peerspace

While hosting an in-person event is the traditional way to plan a fashion show, take advantage of social media by hosting an online-only product launch. Designer Misha Nonoo used this as one of her unique fashion show ideas in 2016 when she premiered her new collection on Snapchat.

Reach out to Instagram influencers and other social media stars who can model your designs, then coordinate a launch date for maximum exposure. If you need a venue to work in, you can rent a warehouse or photo studio on Peerspace. Then, check with with venue’s host to see if they can arrange for any lighting and camera gear you may need.

industrial gallery space in denver
Source: Peerspace

Another great fashion show idea is to host your event at an art gallery. Since many galleries are already set up to host art openings and other creative events, it’s easy to reconfigure the space to suit a fashion show. Many cities have an Art Walk, in which multiple galleries are open to the public. If so, you can schedule your show during an event to get the most exposure.

Just search on Peerspace to find an art gallery near you that can accommodate your production. One awesome option is this Highlands Highlight Gallery in Denver, CO. Between its runway-perfect layout and its huge skylights, this is the type of venue that will awe your guests.

Discover how much it costs to rent a gallery space and how to go about doing so here!

5. Use everyday people as models

A meeting in a brewery Peerspace location
Source: Peerspace

If you want everyday people to wear your clothing line instead of celebrities and movie stars, hire non-professionals to model your outfits. Balenciaga used this approach for its 2019 spring fashion line by choosing engineers, architects, and other white- and blue-collar workers to walk down the runway. This innovative idea can make your designs appear more accessible to mainstream shoppers who don’t think of themselves as fashion models. It’s an unexpected and fun way to open your brand up to potential lifelong shoppers.

6. Have a pet fashion show

pet fashion dog in bow tie
Source: Unsplash

Fashion shows aren’t just for humans. If your show is for a charity fundraiser and isn’t intended to sell real clothes, you can get creative and host a pet fashion show instead. The New York Pet Fashion Show does just that. Its event raises funds to benefit rescue animals. For this show, the pets and their handlers typically wear complementary outfits, making for a memorable night. It allows you to show off your goods while opening your brand up to a new market as well (fanatic fur parents!), all for a worthy cause.

On the West Coast? Link up with one of the best pet photographers in Los Angeles to make your fashion show photos epic.

7. Show off on a bike

colorful vespa scooters on the street
Source: Unsplash

You won’t be the first fashion line to try this idea, but we think it’s still pretty original. Instead of heading to the runway, why not take to the bike lane? Labo.Art sent seven of its models biking around town for a mobile fashion show during Milan Fashion Week. This is a fun fashion show idea for outdoor brands and clothing lines that want to show off their bike-friendly outfits.

8. Use projection mapping

classy TriBeCa loft event space in NYC
Source: Peerspace

Projection mapping is a high-tech tool that allows you to project realistic 3D images on the inside or outside of a building. While not every venue will be suitable for it, we think it looks amazing when it’s done right. With projection mapping, you can transport your models to outer space or create a futuristic backdrop to bring a thrilling new look to the runway.

Planning your fashion show in New York City? Then check out this classy TriBeCa/SoHo event space loft which boasts dual-wall projection capabilities on-site!

9. Rent a rock climbing gym

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Source: Peerspace

Another unique fashion show idea is to host your event at a rock climbing gym. Whether or not your models actually scale the walls will depend on what kind of clothing they’re wearing. Either way, we think a stylish rock climbing gym like this venue in Cleveland, OH makes a great backdrop for a fashion show, particularly for outdoor clothing and lifestyle brands.

10. Host a pop-up shop

colorful retail pop up space in toronto
fashion show ideas
Source: Peerspace

For the most efficient use of time and energy, host a fashion show and pop-up shop in one go. Plan a fashion show as part of the launch event for your new clothing line, then continue to sell merchandise at your pop-up shop as long as your inventory lasts. This is a great way to build name recognition for your brand while selling products that your customers can walk out the door with.

Check out this post with 11 creative pop-up shop ideas to get started!

11. Focus on minority-owned businesses

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Source: Peerspace

Despite promises to do otherwise, many fashion brands are still largely owned by, operated by, and representative of white people. It’s disappointing, but you can use your fashion show to take a stand, no matter your background. For starters, you can host your fashion show at a Peerspace venue that’s owned and operated by a person of color.

Here are some of our favorites on the East Coast:

These are just a few examples of the types of spaces available to you through Peerspace. Book one of these to support your fellow creatives in the BIPOC community and use your fashion show to emphasize the importance of supporting people of color.

Learn how to hire a BIPOC photographer with this resource

Fashion show ideas are better with Peerspace

fashion show ideas
Source: Peerspace

When you think about the fashion industry, you may immediately think of runways in Paris and Milan. But some of the most important changes in fashion are happening closer to home. From major designers bringing social justice issues to the runway to everyday people pushing back against traditional gender roles, fashion is a relevant (and rather controversial) subject as ever before!

If you’re trying to make a mark with your new clothing line, these 10 unique fashion show ideas are a great way to get your brand on people’s radar. And be sure to book a sensational fashion show space on Peerspace. It’s the first step to ensuring the world understands your brand and everything it has to offer. And remember, if you need anything, rely on your venue’s host. After all, you have a fashion show to plan!

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