11 Memorable Class Reunion Ideas

Class reunions are a great time to catch up and let the memories flow. But your reunion shouldn’t just be about reminiscing about school-age memories — it should also be about making new ones! Make sure your reunion is a time to remember by including these 11 incredible class reunion party ideas.

1. Peerspace: a place to reconnect

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Start the party off right by having your class reunion in an unforgettable location! For a fun, warm weather venue, consider a gorgeous rooftop space overlooking the city, a sprawling ranch with tons of fun activities available, or just a large backyard area with plenty of room to mingle! On Peerspace, it’s easy to find the perfect outdoor or indoor venue for your class reunion. Search by the city you live in and sort by amenities you are looking for, like a deck, fire pit, grill, or gazebo included with your rental! Peerspace makes it easy to discuss your plan with venue hosts, book in just a few clicks, and read reviews from others who have booked the space. Get started here.

2. Group photos

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There are so many opportunities for great photos at a class reunion! Consider hiring a photographer for quality photos the whole class will love, buying disposable cameras for fun throwback photo ops, or bringing a polaroid camera to snap party favor pics! Photography also brings some fun class reunion ideas, like having guests recreate photos from high school with those same friends today!

3. Delicious class reunion ideas: get it catered

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What’s a party without good grub? Whether you are just looking to have a few cocktail options at the class reunion, some light hors d’oeuvres, or a full brunch, you’ll want to reach out to a few caterers to see what they can offer. If you love the idea of having snacks and drinks but don’t want to deal with the headache of planning it out, the Peerspace Concierge service can help. The Concierge service is a one-stop-shop for your event needs. They can help you with the headache of hiring a caterer and with other vendor needs, like renting a hi-def projector for your slideshow!

4. A trip down memory lane

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The school you all graduated from may not be an ideal location for your entire celebration, but it could be a fun activity to stop by for a tour! This would be a great way to start the celebration and begin the trip down memory lane. Discuss whether a tour is possible with the school staff and then enjoy seeing how much (or how little) your school has changed since you were a student there!  

5.  Bingo

bingo tiles class reunion ideas
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Sometimes class reunion ideas can be a bit much for those who want to chat and catch up with old friends. Keep the party games relaxed and low-key with options like class bingo. Fill the bingo board with fun facts about different members of your graduating class, like “find the person who wrestled an alligator 5 years after graduating” or “find the person who dropped out of medical school to become a pilot.” The person who these fun facts apply can “sign off” on the bingo box. The first person to get their board signed off by classmates in bingo gets a prize!

6. Fun prizes and favors

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Speaking of prizes … Ensure you have some good ones ready! Make everyone laugh with gifts like old CDs and VHSs, or opt for something more sentimental like a framed class photo. As people head out for the night, consider leaving with them with a small parting gift. A coaster and pint glass with your class year on it are cute and useful class reunion ideas!

7. Speeches

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It’s amazing to see how far everyone has come! You may not have time to speak with everyone at the reunion, so a great way to hear the latest news is through a speech from someone well updated on the goings-on of all the graduates! This would also be a great time to hear from the former valedictorian for a touching speech or the class clown for a good laugh!

8. Photo slideshow: then and now

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It can be hard to remember everything that happened back in your high school years —- jog everyone’s memory with a great photo slideshow! It doesn’t need to be just pictures of students either. You can also add in world news and local news stories and photos from the time. Or maybe some pop culture references. This is one of those class reunion ideas that are sure to inspire lots of laughs and maybe even a couple of gasps.

9. Music from your graduation year

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Keep the memory train rollin’ and play the tunes you used to jam out to during your teenage years! Don’t forget to play some fun slow songs to dance to, like your back at prom, a few songs that everyone still remembers the lyrics to, and then some real bangers to get everyone on the dance floor!

10. Memory-filled decorations

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Bring back the feel of graduation year with some throwback decorations! Recreate the prom photo area with a backdrop and streamers, decorate the walls with yearbook pictures, and plaster your graduation year in big block letters throughout the room. Amazon has a whole section of class reunion decorations for you to choose from!

11. The after-party

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Your party-packed class reunion ideas don’t have to end just because the official party ended—- now, it’s time for the after-party to begin! Head to a local bar with your close high school friends, or even consider renting a more intimate Peerspace venue to hang out with a smaller group from the reunion and continue catching up!

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