Here’s How and Where to Rent a Desk for a Day (2024)


Offices on Peerspace typically cost $30 — $140 per hour.

A few decades ago, the ability to rent a desk for a day might have seemed impossible. After all, the first official “coworking space” didn’t open until 2005 in San Francisco. These days, your options for working remotely have expanded. But still, choosing the right desk space can be a challenge. From cafes that discourage laptop use to coworking spaces with lax Wi-Fi security, working in an unfamiliar space can be a bit of a gamble.

Luckily, nowadays, you can book a desk by the hour on Peerspace. We have thousands of desk-rental spaces in cities across North America and beyond. Peerspace offers you safety, convenience, and budget-friendly access to rental spaces with all the amenities you can expect in a modern office, but on your own schedule.

Whether you’re looking for a single desk for an individual or a workspace for your entire team, here’s how and where to rent a desk for a day.

Why rent a desk for a day?

Rent a Desk for a Day
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First of all, why do you need to rent a desk for a day? The main reason to rent a desk for a day is that you need a place to get work done. Maybe you usually work from home, but your Wi-Fi is down or you don’t have a printer. Or perhaps you’re on a business trip and need a temporary place to work in a new city.

Here are some crucial reasons renting a desk for a day may be desirable:

The setting

Renting a desk can help you get into the headspace for work, helping you feel more productive. Let’s face it: it can be a challenge to work from home or a hotel room if you aren’t used to it! An unfamiliar setting and distractions abounding make for a less-than-stellar work mindset.

The added features

You may also have access to certain amenities at a coworking space, such as a kitchen, reliable Wi-Fi, and even a monitor and headset. Whether you’re making business calls, putting together a pitch deck, or preparing for an interview, you’ll be able to work through your to-do list in no time.


Renting a desk may also give you the opportunity to network with other people in your industry. Many coworking spaces host meetups and other social events, and they’re usually in a central area, making them a convenient starting point from which to explore a new city.

Other logistics

But renting a desk for a day isn’t just for remote employees. Another reason to rent a desk for a day is for a production office to plan a film shoot. If you’re only in town for a day, your producer or director may need a quiet space to set up shop to organize the logistics of your shoot.

You can rent a private desk or office space close to your film set where your producer can work, or where your editor can offload footage at the end of the shoot.

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What to look for when you want to rent a desk for a day

Rent a Desk for a Day
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There are several ways to rent a desk for a day at a coworking space. A dedicated desk is the most expensive option, which means that the workspace you use is reserved for you. You’ll have to pay a monthly membership fee, similar to paying rent.

The main benefit is that you won’t have to worry about your desk being “taken” when you show up to work, and you can leave things on the desk overnight. An office may have access to a kitchen and other shared spaces, as well as the option to book a private conference room.

A hot desk is a less expensive membership option. You’ll still have access to the resources that you’d get with a dedicated desk, but the desk itself may change from day to day. Some hot desk plans may offer part-time membership options, such as access for two or three days per week.

Finally, most coworking spaces offer a day pass, which is the most affordable option if you only need a desk occasionally or don’t want to commit to a monthly membership.

How to find your desk on Peerspace

Where Was Suits Filmed
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So, where should you look if you want to rent a desk for a day? We suggest using Peerspace because you can easily see what amenities are available at any space in question. Plus, spaces are available by the hour and there are no contracts or membership fees. You’ll also find a wider variety of options than most coworking spaces can offer, including shared office spaces, home offices, private suites, and more.

To start your search for a desk space near you, head to our homepage. Begin a search by typing in your location and “offsite” as your event. Once your results populate, you can start browsing the listings of the available spaces or use filters to narrow down the list even more. For example, you can type in “desk” in the keyword search, or other terms that suit your needs, like “outdoor space,” “kitchen,” “private office” and more.

You’ll soon see that Peerspace listings provide all of the information you need to make a confident booking decision. You can review pictures, upfront pricing, and on-site amenities for each rental space. For added peace of mind, you can also read reviews left by previous renters, right on the listing page.

Since Peerspace venues are made available by local hosts, you can reach out to them directly with any questions about the space or what kind of amenities are available on site. Plus, you can even book spaces that offer additional services, such as catering or A/V equipment rentals.

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Types of desk spaces you can book on Peerspace

Rent a Desk for a Day
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You’ll find a variety of desk spaces on Peerspace, from entire coworking spaces you can rent for your team, to meeting rooms and conference rooms that fit dozens of people.

For this list, we’ve stuck to options suitable for an individual to rent for a day. They’re either single desk spaces located in shared offices you can rent all or part of or private office rooms that accommodate a team of people:

As you can see by the listing above, tons of unique daily desk rentals are available to book on Peerspace in cities across the globe. And more are being added daily, so keep an eye on your city to see what pops up! Browse your local listings, contact the host with any questions, and get to work!

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How much does it cost to rent a desk on Peerspace?

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Renting a desk for a day is one of the most affordable ways to find a temporary workspace. You can easily drop in to get work done on an as-needed basis, with no long-term commitment.

Typically, the cost to rent a desk for a day comes down to the location and the features. A private office with lots of amenities in the heart of a metropolis will cost you more than a simple desk in a rural setting.

Budget-conscious yet bodacious

The private suite in Midtown Manhattan, NY, is on the lower side of the scale at $15 per hour, and you’ll have access to your own room with a receptionist to greet your guests, as well as 24/7 booking options. It’s ideal for a quick client meeting in an expensive part of town where space is at a premium. Plus, it has monitors and microphones available for teleconferencing and audio recording.

A CEO who booked this private suite for herself shared the following review: “Terrific…everyone was helpful and friendly. Space was exactly what I needed.”

There’s also the modern, spacious meeting room in Seattle, WA that is also on the lower end of the price scale at $30 per hour. It’s a 1,000-square-foot venue with seating for 25 boardroom style or 40 classroom style. The host provides free parking, fast WiFi, a kitchenette, and A/V equipment.

“The space was perfect for our meeting,” shares a Peerspace reviewer of this Seattle office. “It was well lit, quiet, and spacious. The amenities (phone charger, white board, access to a fridge to store out snacks) were great and the host was super friendly and quickly responded to questions.”

The meeting room in Melbourne, Australia is another steal at $35 per hour. It’s an open-concept coworking space that offers you a colorful private office space for up to 8 guests. The room comes with seating, a screen, natural light, WiFi, and a couch. You can also use the shared kitchen, breakout spaces, and parking.

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Mid-range desk rental options

In the middle-of-the-pack prices, we have the Orange County day office that will charge you $40 per hour. It offers space for 3 people and is therefore perfect for solo work days and interviews alike. You’ll also have access to a conference phone, flip charts, and a shared kitchen, with the host offering beverage service for just a few bucks extra.

“Easy booking, friendly helpful staff, nice office,” shares a succinct Peerspace reviewer. “Exactly what I was looking for.”

Also in the mid-range of desk rental prices is the Shoreditch office in London, UK. It’s a modern and airy space with large windows, high ceilings, and glass walls.

The host also provides Apple TVs, a projector, a printer, access to a communal kitchen with coffee, and separate breakout space. All of this for just £75 per hour!

The Atlanta office space costs $99 per hour and boasts whiteboards, monitors, a kitchenette, and plenty of seating. The host allows you to move the furniture around to suit your needs and allows you the use of A.V equipment, which is especially helpful if you’re presenting.

An entrepreneur who booked the Atlanta space for a presentation shared this review, “This space was awesome! Looks even better in person and the hospitality was amazing! Truly grateful I was able to find this space. Would highly recommend and book again in the future :)”

Pricier and glam

On the higher end of the spectrum are the Hollywood and San Francisco day offices, which charge $100 and $259 per hour, respectively. However, both offer tons of stylish space and even features like city views and Xboxes!

After enjoying the San Francisco office space, a Peerspace user left the following review: “Great space! Super convenient location and really versatile space. Excellent communication by the host! Highly recommend”

Rent a desk for a day with ease using Peerspace

Rent a Desk for a Day
Source: Peerspace

As you can see, renting a desk for a day opens up a variety of options, from working remotely in a new city to running a production office for a photo or video shoot. And with Peerspace, it’s easy to rent a desk for a day in your price range, in your desired location, and with all the frills you need.

No matter what you may need space for, you can rest assured that Peerspace has a safe, clean, and productive match for you. And you can rely on your venue’s local host for help adding additional services to your booking when needed.

For even more ideas, head to Peerspace to search for desk spaces by location, capacity, price, features, and more!

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