Here’s How and Where to Rent an Office for a Day

Wondering how to rent an office for a day? Not sure how to find the right space that fits your needs and your budget? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! Today’s office spaces are an entirely different environment than what they used to be.

From hot desks at coworking spaces to open floor plans in former warehouses, modern offices offer more flexibility — and fewer cubicles — than the offices of yesteryear.

When you’re looking to rent an office by the day, the best way to do so is with Peerspace. Whether you’re looking for a more productive workspace for your team or seeking an aesthetically pleasing office for a photoshoot or an important client meeting, we offer rentable spaces in cities across North America and beyond. All of our spaces are available to rent by the hour and have listings that display high-def photos, upfront pricing, detailed descriptions, and reviews from past renters.

Best yet, you can contact the venue’s local host when you need extras, like catering or extra equipment. Ahead, we’ll show you in detail how and where to rent an office by the day or hour.

Why rent an office for a day?

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Firstly, why would you rent an office in the first place? Isn’t it the new trend to give up on the office space altogether and work from home or a coffee shop while chatting with your coworkers on Slack?

Even in today’s world of digital nomads and virtual assistants, there are still quite a few reasons why a business or an individual might need to rent an office for a day.

We’ll discuss in detail all of the reasons why you may need to rent office space next.

Individuals may need to rent an office for a day

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Many individuals rent an office for a day through Peerspace because they know they can book a space by the hour and enjoy an office setting for as many hours as they need. When they’re done, they just grab their things and go.

There are no commitments, memberships, or hidden fees. However, there are helpful amenities that your home office probably doesn’t have. From ultra-fast fiber internet to large-screen monitors ideal for presentations, you can easily rent an office space with all the work-perfect gadgets you can dream of.

Instead of hiding your pets away and asking your roommates to be quiet for the day, rent a desk or a meeting room at a nearby office or coworking Peerspace. You’ll be grateful for the reliable Wi-Fi, and your client will appreciate meeting with you at a centrally located, professional venue.


One reason to rent an office for a day as an individual is to host a meeting with a client. Let’s face it: no matter how nice your home office is, it may not be appropriate or convenient to meet with clients there.

Even your charming neighborhood coffee shop doesn’t offer the professionalism and quiet, confidential environment you need. There’s also nothing worse than buying a coffee only to find out they don’t have Wi-Fi!


Are you an IT expert planning a coding boot camp or a hackathon? A novelist putting together a writing workshop? Another reason to rent an office for a day is if you’re hosting a workshop.

If you’re hosting an event that requires an office or classroom setting, then you can rest easy by searching for an office space that has a projector and other A/V gear included.


Finally, you might need to rent an office for a photo or video shoot. Whether you’re producing a web series, taking corporate headshots, or getting new photos for your website, rent a local office space to get the perfect backdrop for your personal or commercial production.

Our engaging staff meeting ideas will help you captivate the entire room!

Businesses may need to rent an office for a day

Rent an Office for a Day
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Those are a few reasons why an individual might want to rent an office for a day. But what about businesses? Don’t most businesses have office spaces already?

Not necessarily.

If your team is relocating or expanding to a new city, you may need to rent a temporary office space.

Alternatively, your startup may consist entirely of remote employees who only get together a few times a year. If your team is distributed across the country, then it’s important to provide a professional and productive environment on those occasions when you do get together.

To sum up, renting an office for the day can serve a range of different purposes, including:

  • A temporary workspace
  • A meeting room
  • A class or workshop
  • An off-site retreat
  • A base for your remote team
  • A photo or video production

Whether you’re an individual or part of a larger business, renting an office can make the difference between having a reliable, professional environment and, well, not!

How Peerspace can help you rent an office for a day

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The first thing that may come to mind when you need a temporary office is to go to a coworking space. But while some coworking spaces offer hourly or day passes, others require you to sign up for a membership or book a desk for extended periods of time.

Additionally, unless you book a private room, you’ll be sharing the space with other workers.

That’s why Peerspace is a great option for short-term office rentals, whether for one hour or several hours. You’ll find thousands of offices all over the world that are available to rent from local hosts by the day or hour. It can serve your needs no matter if you need space for an individual or a group.

As you can imagine, individuals and businesses of every stripe rely on Peerspace to rent an office for a day. You can find the perfect space that suits your business needs and book it for as many hours as necessary. And as we mentioned, there are no hidden charges, membership fees, or commitments.

As we know, where we work affects the quality of our work. This is why Peerspace can help you secure stylish and professional settings.

An impressive setting

From hosting an off-site retreat to offering a home base while attending a conference in another city, renting an office for the day through Peerspace can give your team a change of scenery while still providing the desk space and Wi-Fi they need to get their work done.

It can also be a great way to impress an important client if your usual office space doesn’t have the professional vibe you need.

An efficient setting

Remember, the best part is that professional office spaces on Peerspace are designed for working.

Unlike other spaces you can rent, most of these office spaces will have desks, Wi-Fi, and other amenities already included. They have the equipment and the atmosphere to keep you on top of your game and working to your best ability.

How to rent an office for a day on Peerspace

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To find the perfect office space, head over to the Peerspace homepage. Once there, enter your event type (in this case, “meeting” or something similar) and then enter your location or destination.

Then, start skimming the listings or filter your search results to rule out any spaces that lack the amenities you need, such as a kitchen, Wi-Fi, a sound system, or a projector.

Next, you can start going through each office’s dedicated listing page to see photos, pricing, features, reviews, and more. Many spaces have an instant booking option, so you don’t need to spend time messaging the host back and forth to make a reservation. But if you have any questions about a space, feel free to reach out to the local host with any questions or requests at any point.

As you can see, finding the perfect office to rent for a day is super easy with Peerspace. But what types of spaces are out there? We’ll discuss that next.

Types of offices on Peerspace

Rent an Office for a Day
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Everyone has an idea of what an office space should look like. Yet until you search for a venue on Peerspace, you may not realize just how many options there are.

From modern spaces that look like they were designed for Instagram to creative spaces in former warehouses, you can choose a variety of unique offices on Peerspace.

Here are just a few of our favorite office spaces

When it comes to the variety of office spaces available to rent for a day, there is no better resource to have at hand than Peerspace! We offer you access to amazing offices available across the globe, all owned by locals who strive to make your experience perfect.

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How much does it cost?

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Finally, what can you expect to pay to rent an office for a day? While it may cost more than a day pass to a coworking space (which is around $30), it’s still more affordable than you might think.

Let’s consider a few of the office spaces we mentioned above as examples.

Mid-range offices

The venues in Santa Clara and Boston cost about $150 per hour, with a two-to-four-hour rental minimum. The London office is similarly priced at £170 per hour yet only has a one-hour rental minimum.

Higher-end offices

On the higher end of the spectrum, the Atlanta loft costs $208 per hour and has a four-hour rental minimum. The Seattle space costs $225 per hour and has a four-hour rental minimum, while the San Francisco venue is about $900 an hour with a two-hour rental minimum.

The spacious and stylish San Francisco venue may sound pricy if you’re just looking for office space, but keep in mind that it’s also a great option for more large-scale corporate events.

In fact, as a Peerspace reviewer tells us: “The space was exactly what they communicated and worked really well for our networking event. They also made working with a preferred caterer easy to book and took care of delivery details without my help. The onsite staff was just as helpful, even accommodating some last-minute requests from our attendees. I look forward to using this space again.”

Least expensive offices

The least expensive offices on our list are the Midtown Manhattan office, which costs $75 per hour and has a three-hour minimum, and the Melbourne, Australia office at A$80 per hour with a two-hour minimum.

The Toronto office is also on the lower end of the price range at CA$40 per hour and a two-hour rental minimum.

And the number-one least expensive? The Chicago large focus group room costs just $30 per hour! Though your rental is the focus room itself housed within a larger office complex, you’ll have use of the Wi-Fi and other office essentials. Plus, for add-on charges, you can enjoy beverage service and access to other rooms as well.

It also boasts plenty of rave reviews from past renters, like this one. “Beautiful space & perfect location with super friendly people! Loved the open window that provided great natural lighting. Great change of pace from working at home. Highly recommend!”

What it all means

What sets all of these places apart in terms of hourly pricing is their location, services, size, and features.

That’s why it’s so important to browse office listings on Peerspace before settling on any one space. It helps to know what’s out there and what you need in terms of amenities and budget.

Peerspace makes it easy to rent an office for a day

Rent an Office for a Day
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As you can see, Peerspace makes it easy to rent an office for a day, no matter your needs or location. The variety of offices you’ll encounter on Peerspace is itself amazing. Some hosts offer private conference rooms, lounge areas, breakout rooms, kitchens, and game rooms to keep your team occupied. Check each listing to see what amenities and A/V equipment are included.

You can also consult the high-res photos and read reviews from past renters to get the full picture of a space. Plus, you can reach out to the host directly through the listing with any questions you have.

Whether renting an office is a one-time thing or something you plan to do regularly, Peerspace makes the whole process simple. Use our platform to stay productive without having to buy a membership or commit to a long-term rental. You can reach out to your office’s local host if you need more customized support. No matter where you need an office rental or for what purpose, Peerspace is here to accommodate you.

Check out our meeting resources pages for more helpful information on planning your next meeting like a boss.

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