Here’s How To Find A Coffee Shop Space For Rent (2024)

Are you looking for a flexible and affordable venue for your next special event? Think about coffee shop spaces for rent! These venues are attractively laid out, with wall art, cozy furniture, and large windows allowing plenty of natural light to enter. You’ll even find amenities like baristas to run the coffee machines, outdoor patios, and audio-visual equipment for hire. Coffee shops are conveniently located for guests to attend and may even be a space they visit regularly! 

So how do we find a coffee shop space for rent? Peerspace makes it easier than ever to find one! Our website has one of the largest collections of event venues in the world, available by the hour through listings that fully detail what’s included with the rental. Let’s take a moment to explore what makes coffee shops such amazing spaces for rent together! 

Why rent a coffee shop for a day?

Sweet and Chic Cafe in Mint Colours in London, UK
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Coffee shops are one of the most in-demand spaces for special events! Their deceptively simple layout leaves room for ample opportunities. People book coffee shops for poetry readings, live music performances, business lunches, birthday parties, game nights, and social club gatherings, to name a few ideas for one! 

Coffee shop rentals come with amenities

The typical coffee shop will have seating, with tables and chairs for meals or drinks. Many have cozy sofas for socializing casually in a separate section of the space. The seating will be as stylish as it is functional, often with wood or metal accents to create a cozy atmosphere.

Coffee shop amenities depend on the venue but often include coffee machines and staff to run them. You’ll have a barista on hand to make mochas and toast sandwiches for guests as the party progresses. Coffee shops also have spacious bathrooms, parking for your guests, and a stage for performances or presentations.

Coffee shops are decorated venues

Another reason to find a coffee shop space for rent is the decor! The venue comes fully beautified, with a typical coffee shop decorated with potted plants near spacious windows and wall art from local artists to browse. Some coffee shops are themed venues where the space feels more like a greenhouse or art gallery than a typical coffee cafe! The spacious walls and ceilings in the industrial style common to many downtown coffee shops are easy to customize further with wall hangings, balloons, and posters for a special event.

Everyone knows where a coffee shop is located

Don’t forget that coffee shops are community fixtures. Most of your guest list has already been to your chosen venue a time or three! That means they already know the location and what parking is like. They’ve likely even been there previously for a music performance or an afternoon first date. Hosting your special event in a coffee shop where people visit regularly makes it even more of a memorable occasion for guests.

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Coffee shops as special event venues

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So what kind of special events can you hold in a coffee shop? You’ll be surprised to find that they are excellent venues for both sit-down and gathering-type events! For an event centered around dining, like a bar mitzvah, bachelorette brunch party, or bridal shower, the tables, chairs, and spacious atmosphere of a coffee shop are a perfect match. 

Performances like music shows, recitals, speeches, and small-to-medium-scale launch events are good matches for coffee shops. The mixture of seating and open social space make more casual gatherings like a game night, club meeting, or social mixer easy to host here. Guests will enjoy being able to choose between tables, sofas, standing room, or an outdoor patio as they mingle during the event.

Use Peerspace to find a coffee shop space for rent

Charming Cafe in seattle
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As you can see, coffee shops are flexible spaces that can support almost any event imaginable! So where can we find a coffee shop space for rent near you? That’s where Peerspace comes in! We have one of the world’s largest collections of special event spaces for rent.

You’ll find wedding reception halls, beach houses, mansions, and of course, coffee shops! From intimate country coffee shops in the Midwest to chic cafes in Paris, Peerspace has a coffee shop for any event idea.

How to find a coffee shop for rent on Peerspace

Coffee Shop in Los Angeles for Private Parties
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Peerspace makes it easy to find a coffee shop space for rent near you! Head to the Peerspace homepage and select the kind of event you’re looking to host (such as a baby shower or dinner). Next, input the city or town where the event will run and hit Search! Peerspace will pull up several listings of spaces suitable for your chosen event in your city.

Next, we need to narrow things down a bit. Head up to the Filters menu and choose “restaurants.” That will filter out everything but places to eat and drink, including coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes! You can further screen your listings by selecting options from the Filters menu like a stage and audio-visual equipment if you’re hosting a performance. Or an outdoor addition if you want to give guests a mixture of spaces to enjoy.

Now that you have the best coffee shop spaces for rent in your area in front of you, click and explore what Peerspace has to offer. Each listing comes with multiple high-quality images that are the next best thing to seeing the space in person. You can also read up on the details of the venue, including square footage, the maximum number of guests,

Pay special attention to the amenities included with the rental as well as those available for an extra charge. Most coffee shops include tables and seating yet ask for an additional fee if you need a barista on site to run the coffee machines for the event’s duration. Some offer catering for an additional charge as well, making them a one-stop-shop for all of your party planning needs.

Check out these coffee shop spaces for rent on Peerspace:

Peerspace also has coffee shops and other venues in cities outside of the US! Looking to broaden your search to Canada, Australia, or Europe? Check out a few of our international listings! 

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How much is a coffee shop space for rent on Peerspace?

Cozy Cabin Vibe Cafe in East Village
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How much can you expect to pay to rent a coffee shop through Peerspace? The exact price will depend on the location, the amenities included, and how much time you need for your special event. Coffee shop spaces for rent on Peerspace are typically in the $75-150/hr range but can be slightly more or less expensive, depending on what’s included. Keep in mind that many coffee shops have minimum reservation times, usually for 2-4 hours. Fortunately, that’s well within the block of time you need for most special events!

Less expensive coffee shops for rent like cozy cabin-themed venue fit for 20 guests in the East Village of NYC run $90/hr. For a more spacious venue, like this chic midtown Manhattan coffee shop with room for up to 200 guests, expect to pay up to $250/hr. If you need a barista to make drinks for the venue to handle catered meals, or extra amenities like audio-visual equipment that aren’t included in the base rental arrangement, the price may vary.

Peerspace is the best place to rent a coffee shop for a day

Downtown Cafe/Event Space | Bynx Orlando
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Now that you’ve seen what we have to offer, check out the hundreds of listings Peerspace has near you for rent. You can book one of the dozens of coffee shops near you that include intimate spaces fit for a private game night or spacious cafes that seat hundreds for a wedding reception! 

Each listing fully details what’s included with your rental thanks to multiple high-resolution images taken from each angle and written details covering the area, number of guests, furniture, artwork, and extras! It’s never been easier to rent a coffee shop for your next special event! 

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