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The Big Guide to Event Space Rentals

Choosing the right location is the most important part of planning an unforgettable event. If you choose the wrong event location, then it may be hard to save your event — not even with a great live band or incredible food.

But, of course, you already know this. Perhaps you’re well into your venue research, and you want to simplify the process of narrowing down the mind-numbing number of venue options.

Well, that’s pretty much what we do here. Check out our collection of the best event space rentals sites, along with a simple description of each service that’s designed to save you time and money.


Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for meeting, production, and event spaces. Think of Peerspace as the “Airbnb of event spaces.” Whether you’re looking for a raw, industrial warehouse for your wedding, you need a cool, creative space for your team offsite, or you want a funky bohemian loft for an upcoming photoshoot, Peerspace has you covered. By harnessing the power of the sharing economy, Peerspace uncovers your city’s coolest spaces and makes it easier than ever to find the perfect venue for all your event needs. Just search, filter your results by your preferred city and event type (party, meeting, photoshoot, etc.), and scroll through thousands of listings to find a unique space.

Now boasting thousands of listings in hundreds of cities, Peerspace offers high-quality images, real reviews from people who have used the spaces, and even offers concierge services to help your events go off without a hitch. For these reasons, Peerspace has quickly become the place to go when looking for event rentals.


EVENTup has venues in over 300 cities. Their listings are detailed and easy to digest. Because they’re an event venue-only website, the summaries and bullet points in each listing are essentially written by event planners for event planners. They do a good job of providing a high number of good-quality photographs for all of their venues. So, all in all, you’ll feel very comfortable when you’re ready to book.


Mostly located in NYC, LA, Miami, and San Francisco, Splacer has a peer-to-peer model similar to Peerspace’s, and it does an adequate job of connecting property owners and event coordinators, as well as helping to forge relationships between them.


VenueBook has a slick-looking site with plenty of venue options, and they’re currently available in four cities: NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and DC. Their search feature offers numerous filters for narrowing your search. In addition, the listings have good-quality photos. You’ll probably need to ask follow-up questions with venue owners, though, as not all of the listings are incredibly detailed.


eVenues aggregates properties and provides a simple search tool for event planners to search based on their event’s criteria. Additionally, eVenues offers scouting and booking services to anyone who could use some extra VIP treatment.


Spacebase has over 4000 spaces, all carefully maintained and monitored, so your satisfaction is guaranteed. They pride themselves on affordability. Though only in a handful of American cities, they have a sizable international presence. Their spaces come bundled with everything you need –– so if you require catering for your event, it’s taken care of when you rent.

Social Tables

Social Tables’ real strength is its search engine, which lets you use sliders to adjust your parameters –– such as number of attendees or rooms needed, total square footage, etc. –– rather than using drop-down boxes for the same task. It’s a very subtle difference, but it’s extremely useful.

Unique Venues

They have venues all over the country, including DC, Philly, Vegas, Denver, Louisville, and a number of smaller cities as well. Their venues are unique (hence the name), meaning you can rent a college football stadium or even a cruise ship for your event. began as a site for meeting spaces, but they have established relationships with over 50,000 hotels nationwide. Thus, they can help you find a suitable venue for just about any event you have in mind. Also, because of those same relationships, they can make it easy to help your guests find nice hotel rooms in which to stay the night.

Finding your venue is important, but it’s just under half the battle

Remember, when you’re planning a great event, you should plan for your venue to be about 40% of your total budget –– and if it’s less than that, then that’s a pleasant surprise.

The other 60% will factor into things like:


Do you need a DJ? How about a sound system? Lights? A stage? For renting equipment check out: (especially if you need top-quality equipment) or Fat Llama (where you can rent almost anything peer-to-peer)


Catering is another significant cost for many events. It’s one of those make-or-break decisions when planning an event. Luckily, if you use a service like Peerspace, it’s easy to find a gourmet caterer that will impress the most discerning palate.


If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll want to hire a photographer to make records of the occasion for posterity. (Check out our favorite wedding photographers in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, San Fran, Seattle, and DC.) And if you’re planning an event for your business, you’ll want both a photographer and videographer so you have plenty of media to promote your business with later.

Security, permits, insurance or deposit

Are you throwing a big party or shindig with lots of VIPs? Then you may need to increase the amount you spend on security and perhaps consider short-term insurance for the event.

With a little planning now, your event will undoubtedly be a classy night no one will ever forget.

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