Here’s How and Where to Rent a Conference Room for a Day


Conference rooms on Peerspace typically cost anywhere between $100 — $200 per hour.

Conference rooms aren’t just for meetings. They can also be used for workshops, team building events, focus groups, and other small-group activities. Some offices and coworking spaces may have conference rooms available on-site, but if your office is cramped for space, you may need to look elsewhere. But don’t worry—there are hundreds of great conference rooms available to rent on Peerspace! In this article, we’ll show you how and where to rent a conference room for a day.

Why rent a conference room for a day?

Rent a conference room for a day in Los Angeles
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Why pay to rent a conference room for a day when you could just use your existing office space or even meet at a coffee shop or library? There are a few major reasons to consider one.

1. Privacy

The first and most important reason is privacy. If you’re hosting an executive board meeting, consulting with a client, or interviewing a potential new employee, then you can’t do it in an open office. In some cases, a meeting may be so confidential that you have to host it off-site.

2. Space.

Maybe your office is too small to have a separate conference room, or maybe you don’t have an office at all because you work from home or in a coworking space.

If your company is just starting out, you may need a place to meet with clients before you’re able to invest in an office space of your own. Or, you may just need to meet clients at a more central location. Whatever the reason, renting a conference room gives you more options and flexibility.

3. Aesthetics

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, or you want to rent a conference room for a day to shoot team photos in a more professional environment.

On Peerspace, you’ll find conference rooms with classy “executive” decor and others with quirky colors and a casual vibe that will look great on your company’s Instagram feed or marketing materials.

You can also choose from a variety of seating arrangements, from traditional boardroom-style layouts to open or closed U-shaped layouts, classroom-style layouts, and more.

4. Equipment

Equipment is one of the best reasons to rent a conference room for a day. At a minimum, you can expect a conference room to have good lighting and comfortable furniture, but many conference rooms will also have additional amenities such as WiFi and A/V gear.

Need to present a pitch deck or give a report to shareholders? Rent a conference room with a projector. Need to record an important board meeting or chat with a remote client? Choose a conference room with videoconferencing capabilities.

No matter what kind of meeting you have in mind, a private conference room makes a great first impression and provides a professional atmosphere for your conference or presentation. These are just a few examples of the kinds of events that work well in conference rooms:

  • Interviews
  • Board meetings
  • Video conferences
  • Team building events
  • Focus groups
  • Workshops
  • And more!

How to rent a conference room for a day

Rent a conference room for a day in San Francisco
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Once you’ve decided on a conference room, how do you go about renting one? The good news is that plenty of offices and coworking spaces have conference rooms that they rent out by the day or hour on Peerspace, without requiring a long-term rental fee or membership. And since many of them are in existing offices, they’re already equipped with furniture and WiFi!

So, how do rentals on Peerspace work? Simply search by location, date, and type of the event you’re planning to see a list of all of the spaces available near you. Then, you can refine your search by setting additional filters, such as the price, maximum number of occupants, and various amenities that are available.

Explore Spaces

From cozy conference rooms that seat just five or six people to high-tech board rooms that can fit dozens, you’ll find spaces in a range of styles and levels of formality. When you find one that you like, book it instantly! Or, reach out to your host if you have any questions.

If you need additional services, such as a photographer to take corporate photos or a caterer to provide a business lunch, reach out to the Concierge service. They can connect you with trusted local vendors, including equipment rental companies with A/V and camera gear. In some locations, you may even have access to an on-site kitchen and other facilities included with your rental.

In short, renting a conference for a day can be as easy as booking a hotel room. So whether you’re hosting a last-minute event or an important meeting that has been on the books for weeks, you can rest easy knowing that all your event logistics will be taken care of.

Types of conference rooms on Peerspace

Rent a conference room for a day in San Diego
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So, what types of conference rooms can you choose from on Peerspace? Essentially, if you can think of it, you’ll find it. There’s everything from a rustic meeting room in Texas that may look quaint but has high-speed Internet and a wireless presentation gateway, to a modern meeting room in San Diego with a stylish hexagonal table. Here are just a few of our favorite options:

How much does it cost?

Rent a conference room for a day in Grapevine, Texas
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A conference room is one of the most affordable types of event spaces you can rent. Although the price per hour will vary based on the location, the size of the room, and the amenities included, you might be surprised at how much your money can buy—even in hotspots like New York and San Francisco.  And while some venues have a minimum rental period, most are happy to accommodate you for as little as one hour, with amenities such as kitchen access and an on-site receptionist included.

The most expensive room on this list is the conference room in Times Square, which costs $250 per hour, while the rustic room in Texas costs $40, and the conference room in San Diego costs $85. The meeting room in LA is somewhere in the middle, at $125 per hour.

Explore Spaces

As you can see, the cost to rent a conference room for a day can vary widely, but with so many options, you’re sure to find a space that fits your budget and offers the amenities desire. Just remember to expand your search outside of downtown areas to find the most affordable options.

And don’t forget, you can always call up the Concierge service to book a caterer, a photographer, or any other professional service that isn’t included in your booking!

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