12 Adorable 3rd Birthday Party Ideas For Your Little One (2024)


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Searching for the cutest 3rd birthday party ideas? Then Peerspace has you covered! Your child’s first and second birthdays were of course a big deal for you. However, it’s fair to say that most one- and two-year-olds don’t really understand the significance of birthdays. But their third birthday might be the first one where they actually understand what’s happening and remember it, so it’s kind of a big deal!

If you’re planning your little one’s 3rd birthday celebration and are looking for inspiration, here are 12 adorable 3rd birthday party ideas to help you get inspired as you start planning. Along with fun, easy-to-pull-off ideas, we also share kid-perfect birthday party venues that can make your little one’s big day that much more special. You can book any of these spaces (and thousands more besides!) on our platform.

As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, Peerspace makes it easy to discover and rent hidden gem spaces in cities across the globe. The setting is everything when it comes to a birthday party, and with Peerspace, finding the right one for your style and budget will never be an issue again.

Now, let’s get to our adorable 3rd birthday party ideas without further ado!

1. Throw a magical fairytale-themed party

 a fairytale home in LA
Source: Peerspace

If your kid begs you to read their favorite fairytales to them every night, then this 3rd birthday party idea is a great choice. With the right venue and a few simple accessories, you can throw your beloved toddler an amazing fairytale birthday party that they and their friends will adore.

First things first, you’ll need to book a birthday party venue near you worthy of such a party. When you use Peerspace, you can book fairytale-worthy spaces in cities across the globe. For instance, our friends on the West Coast can book this all-white fairytale cottage in Topanga, CA. It is a truly whimsical space and even has a charming backyard space, too.

And for our East Coasters, there’s also this quaint natural cedar shake home in Bellerose, NY. We adore its flower-filled garden and bright blue front door, and bet your three-year-old also will!

Once the party is underway, show the little ones how to make their own magic wands out of cardboard using this tutorial from the Craft Train to do so. You can also decorate the space by nabbing a fairytale-themed piñata, like this unicorn-shaped one. Add a fairytale-inspired birthday cake, and you’ll have all the 3rd birthday party ideas you’ll need for your little fairytale lover.

2. Get creative (and messy!) with a cupcake-decorating party

a retail bakery in chicago
Source: Peerspace

Speaking of birthday cake, kids love to decorate sweet treats before they gobble them up. First, buy some sprinkles and icing, bake a bunch of cupcakes, and lay down a big plastic tablecloth. Then, let your child and their friends decorate their cupcakes however they want. This one is sure to be a hit and as a bonus, in addition to the entertainment value of decorating cupcakes, it means you won’t have to bake a cake!

And if you love this 3rd birthday party idea but don’t want to host it at home (we can’t blame you – it could get messy!) then rent a suitable space for it on Peerspace. For example, this spacious, modern, and bright retail in Chicago, IL can be perfect. It boasts a commercial kitchen with all the baking equipment you could need as well as private use of the on-site dining room. Talk to the host about the available catering services, too.

As one reviewer commented: “The space was exactly what I was looking for! Very clean and enough room for everyone in my party. The hosts were very accommodating and helped me with everything that I asked for.”

3. Enjoy fresh air and kid-friendly snacks at a picnic party

Boho Bell Tent Backyard Experience texas rental
Source: Peerspace

Lucky for you, most 3-year-olds probably don’t have huge expectations surrounding birthday parties (yet!). They’ll appreciate something as simple as a party where they get to eat delicious snacks outside with their friends. Which is why one of our favorite 3rd birthday party ideas to set up a picnic party for your little one and their friends.

Is your yard not up to snuff? Never fret! Simply book a stylish outdoor event space near you on Peerspace. Then, pack their favorite foods and be sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of napkins.

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4. Let them get creative with a face-painting party

Arabian Tent in the Backyard washington dc rental
Source: Peerspace

If your child has been to a fair or a kids’ event at the zoo, odds are, they’ve had their face painted and loved every second of it! So why not hire a face painter to come to your house? Or, if you have the skills to do so, buy some face paint and do it yourself!

The kids will love to run around “in disguise” as animals like tigers, butterflies, and lizards, and it’ll make for some seriously great photos.

5. Keep it simple and cool with a pool party

upper marlboro Swimming Pool
Source: Peerspace

Is your child a little tadpole? If you live somewhere warm, or your child has a summer birthday, you can buy a few small inflatable pools and some pool toys and you’ve got a ready-made pool party. What a great way to stay cool in the heat!

If you don’t have a pool of your own, don’t let that stand in your way. Peerspace offers you access to countless rentable venues with pools near you! As an example, check out this exquisite apartment in Upper Marlboro, MD. Its spacious private yard boasts a swimming pool with kid-friendly floaties and a basketball court. Indoors, take advantage of the full kitchen and movie theater room!

6. Plan a crafting party for your little artist

Unique Boutique / Art Workshop for Team-Building
Source: Peerspace

If your kid has a creative streak and loves to make things with their hands, a crafting party is one of the most awesome 3rd birthday party ideas. You can set up a variety of different crafting stations with kid-friendly activities like the ones on this list by Kate Decorates.

If you don’t want to host a party like this one in your own house, then consider holding it at a space like this unique boutique art workshop in Fort Myers, FL! The host provides plenty of tables and chairs for your guests in this cute and colorful space, with space for 40 guests and all manner of art supplies for your little one to dig into with their friends.

7. Let them expel some energy with a bouncy house birthday party

Private Kid's Space with Bounce House
Source: Peerspace

Rent out a bouncy house for the afternoon and your 3-year-old and their friends will have the time of their life! This one is a classic for a reason – there’s not much that’s more fun for a little kid than jumping up and down in a bouncy house. Your kid will remember this one fondly for years.

If you’re in Oregon, then you can rent this incredible private kid’s space with a bouncy house in Boring for a few hours. It’s a safe and colorful environment for kids to run around and release some of that ceaseless energy!

8. Show them how to respect animals at a petting zoo

 a large farm with a petting zoo
Source: Peerspace

If your kid is an animal lover, this idea is sure to be a winner! For this idea, take a trip to a petting zoo, or hire one to come to you. There are probably some traveling petting zoos in your area, like Squeals on Wheels or Animal Craze.

We love this idea because it not only gives your child the gift of furry companionship, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to teach them compassion by showing them how to be gentle with the animals.

9. Grab your swim suits and host a beach party

Ocean Front Beach House in Alabama gulf shores rental
Source: Peerspace

Get your 3-year-old and a few of their friends together for a trip to your nearest beach! They’ll love splashing in the waves. Discover how to rent a beach house by the hour on Peerspace here!

One thing we would recommend is that you ask a few of the invitees’ parents to come with you, to make sure there’s enough supervision for everyone in attendance.

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10. Let them make believe with a dress-up party

a dress up space with costumes
Source: Peerspace

Halloween isn’t the only day you can dress up! Your kid can host a costume party for their 3rd birthday and dress up as their favorite animal or their favorite character from a book, movie, or TV show. Seeing your child and all of their friends dressed up will surely lead to plenty of precious photo ops!

11. Throwing a dance party is always a winner!

large NW atlanta dance studio
Source: Peerspace

If you’ve noticed that you have a kid with a penchant for dancing, a dance party is a really fun 3rd birthday party idea, and it’s easy to do, too. All you have to do is put together the right playlist (what are your kid’s favorite songs?) and put up some fun decor like streamers, balloons, and even a disco ball if you can get your hands on one.

Don’t feel like your house has enough space for this kind of party? Then you can always rent a dance studio for a few hours on Peerspace. We love how this spacious dance studio in Atlanta, Georgia is a great example of how this type of venue works. It’s a 1,400-square-foot professional dance studio with tall ceilings, mirrored walls, and speakers. All perfect for a kid’s dance party in our book!

12. Plan a scavenger hunt party for your little adventurer

Perfect backyard space for outdoor celebrations
Source: Peerspace

Your 3-year-old’s birthday party doesn’t have to just involve the usual food and games. Why not let your little one explore an outdoor safe space with their friends by throwing a toddler-perfect scavenger hunt? Raising Children explains how to pull it off perfectly for your little one

And if you need a spacious and safe venue for hosting a scavenger hunt party, then use Peerspace to discover outdoor event venue rentals perfect for your needs. As an example, check out this perfect backyard for outdoor celebrations in Milpitas, CA. It is 5,000 square feet of well-maintained, clean, and open space for your kids to play and explore safely.

3rd birthday party ideas: conclusion

san francisco kid's workshop
Source: Peerspace

We hope this list of 3rd birthday party ideas has inspired your party-planning journey! You can adapt any of them to your child and their party needs.

But remember, ideas are only part of the fun. Be sure to browse Peerspace for all the best kid-friendly spaces near you! After all, the perfect setting is paramount to creating all those lasting memories you will cherish of your little one’s one-and-only 3rd birthday.

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